About the Institute for Global Education and Advanced Research (IN-GEAR)

Expanding a highly acclaimed scientific knowledge and medical technologies into overseas based on our strong network on the fields of medical science and health care service. Reconstitution as an International organization to carry out the development on scientific collaboration and fostering human resources corporates with Global Education and Intercultural Advancement Center (GAIA) which provides bidirectional student exchange and assistance for the international student. We aim for strengthen collaboration while achieving a high level of synergy in international research, and being approved as a joint Usage/ Research Center by MEXT.

Global Education and Intercultural Advancement Center(GAIA)

The purpose of GAIA is to promote the exchange activities of Oita University by supporting inbound exchange students and Oita University students who seek to study abroad (or outbound exchange students). GAIA supports inbound exchange students by providing courses in Japanese language and Japan-related subjects, and by providing them with consultation whenever necessary.

Global Oita Medical Advanced Research Center for Health (GO-MARCH)

The main goal of the institute is to develop a medicine and medical science global network and to expand research abilities and enhance medical techniques, which are among Oita University's internationally respected strengths. And it has a mission to increase mutually beneficial exchanges among fellow Asian countries, in particular developing skilled personnel in the field of digestive endoscopy. Furthermore, making full use of its strengths, the institute promotes advanced research in minimally invasive treatment and Pandemic.

Oita University Institute for Global Education and Advanced Research

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