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The Institute for Global Education and Advanced Research(In-GEAR) was established on April 1st,2018. It is comprised of the Global Education and Intercultural Advancement Center(GAIA) and the Global Oita Medical Advanced Research Center for Health(GO-MARCH). A main goal of the institute is to develop a medicine and medical science global network and to expand research abilities and enhance medical techniques, which are among Oita University's internationally respected strengths.

Oita University, as a whole, supports international academic collaboration and human resource development to help accelerate internationalization of regional communities. Moreover, IN-GEAR has an institutional mission to increase mutually beneficial exchanges among fellow Asian countries, in particular developing skilled personnel in the field of digestive endoscopy. Furthermore, making full use of its strengths, the institute promotes advanced research in minimally invasive treatment and Pandemic.

Message from the In-GEAR Director-General

Oita is the origin of Western medicine in Japan, with the first Western-style surgical operation performed by a Portuguese doctor, Luis de Almeida, in 1557. Since then, Oita has generated brilliant scholars and global leaders such as Sorin Otomo, Ryotaku Maeno, Tanso Hirose, Yukichi Fukuzawa. Historically, Oita has been a prime location for nurturing people with global perspectives who can thrive in a quickly diversifying world. The number of international students residing in Oita continues to increase and Oita recorded more than 3,500 international residents per 100,000 in Fiscal Year 2017, the second highest rate in Japan.

Oita University and Oita Medical College were merged in 2003 to establish the current institution. The university now has two campuses consisting of five primary academic units: Education, Economics, Science and Engineering, Welfare and Health Sciences in Oita City and Medical Sciences in neighboring Yufu City. The lush green campuses provide nearly 200 international students from over 20 countries with ideal educational environments where they study alongside Japanese students.

On April 1st, 2018, the Institute for Global Education and Advanced Research〔In-GEAR〕 was established to unify two centers: the Global Education and Intercultural Advancement Center〔GAIA〕and the Global Oita Medical Advanced Research Center for Health〔GO-MARCH〕.

The GAIA (formerly the Center for International Education and Research) supports international students’ academic and life experiences in Japan as well as enhances mutual study abroad exchange programs for students and scholars at Oita University.

The GO-MARCH division maintains a global network in the medical science field, increasing research abilities and advancing medical techniques, which highlights Oita University’s well-known strengths. We continue to make efforts to develop and promote medical interdisciplinary research around the world.

We appreciate your collegial cooperation and understanding of the institution’s educational and research activities.

January 2019
Akira Nishizono, M.D., Ph.D.,
Trustee Vice President Director-General, Institute for Global Education and Advanced Research (In-GEAR)

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